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Strategic breathing for strategic moments

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Disaster is a traumatic event. Frontline workers and first responders are exposed to the survivors’ experiences in an in-depth and intimate way. Excessive stress is an expected hazard of disaster response activities that effect the ability to think clearly, maintain emotional balance, engage in risky behaviors, instigate social conflicts and experience numerous physical distress. SPIRONESS™ and Situational SPIRONESS™ will teach you how to train your respiratory system before and during an event so that you can use your breath strategically to keep you at your best. The extraordinary effects of SPIRONESS™ and the Situational SPIRONESS™ training method increase a responders stress threshold (tolerance for stressful situations) allowing them to make better decisions in the heat of the moment.


SPIRONESS™ is a clinically researched breathing method that has been shown to:

  • Increase cerebral oxygenation giving you better concentration and clarity

  • Allowing you to perform with under maximum stress with less physical demand

  • Promote quicker recovery rate between disaster responses

  • Maintain optimal respiratory health under stress

  • Increase stress management during and after situations

  • Naturally reprogram one's breathing pattern

  • Increase aerobic endurance and power

  • Improve breathing comfort in situations where there is limited oxygen

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