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Bringing your employees the best in breath!

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SPIRONESS' Corporate program partners with your company - no matter the size. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports titled Winning with Wellness, 73% of employers currently offer wellness programs and have seen improvements in their organizations' total healthcare costs.  They also found that well-designed wellness programs double their return on investment over a two- to nine- year period of time (pg.16). 

Why is a physiology-based breathing method an important part of your corporate wellness program? First, Deep Breathing was the second most common Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy after the use of natural products! Secondly, a physiology-based breathing method is designed to alter the body's natural breathing rhythms which gives your employees an advantage when dealing with stressful moments at work.  Unlike therapeutic or performance-based breathing methods, SPIRONESS' method creates a new norm for the body making it more resilient.






SPIRONESS can greatly benefit your employees with:


- low energy, trouble focusing or concentrating

- respiratory challenges: asthma, former smokers, cardiac rehab or other lung issues

- high stress, stress disorders or anxiety and panic attack syndromes

- high blood pressure or tachycardia (high resting heart rate)

- digestive problems

The SPIRONESS Corporate workshop is ideal for corporate meetings, staff development and the on - boarding of new employees. 

Contact us today and learn how SPIRONESS is bringing your employees the best in breathing!

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