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When your breath is at ease your life is at ease

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Breathing is an essential function of our body. It allows us to draw oxygen into our lungs to be then distributed throughout the body. Oxygen is the necessary element supplied to our cells that allows the body to burn food, with the major single-organ consumers of oxygen being the liver, brain and heart. The body's oxygen uptake, intake and assimilation determines one's respiratory efficiency that has a ripple effect on our health; the less efficient; the less healthy.

Respiratory diseases and psychological diseases impact a person's respiratory efficiency. For those with respiratory diseases the lack of oxygen, the inability to empty out their lungs, and/or the dependence on pure oxygen is detrimental to their health.
















SPIRONESS is a physiologically-based respiration method that has been clinically proven to improve respiratory efficiency and can be used to reverse some respiratory diseases.  Regardless of the type of respiratory disease you face, SPIRONESS will train your body and strengthen your respiration muscles to help you breathe more efficiently. If you would like to see how SPIRONESS can improve your breathing long-term, register for one of our next workshops today!

SPIRONESS is ideal for those experiencing:

  • Hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) - Individuals with Chronic HVS can sigh deeply and frequently and often have nonspecific somatic symptoms in the context of mood, anxiety disorders or emotional stress. HVS is sometimes precipitated by emotionally stressful events but is distinct from panic disorder.

  • Asthma - characterized by episodes of reversible breathing problems due to airway narrowing and obstruction. Difficulty breathing is due to inflammation of the airways, but is believed by some to be reversible or at the very least is a condition that can be improved.

  • COPD - is an umbrella term that encompasses several preventable and treatable respiratory illnesses that cause varying degrees of breathlessness, or the inability to exhale normally.

  • Emphysema- most commonly caused by smoking, those who suffer from emphysema have trouble exhaling air from their lungs.

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