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Breathe your best to be your best

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What is YOUR performance edge? What are you paying attention to that is giving you an edge over your competitor? Whether you are an amateur or a professional of an endurance or speed sport, when it is time for competition you want to be your best. SPIRONESS was clinically researched on athletes and was specifically designed to work with the body's physiology to help athletes breathe their best. The SPIRONESS  training method will teach you how to train your respiratory system before and during competition so that you can use your breath to be your best. The extraordinary effects of the SPIRONESS training method are obtained without mental or conscious breathing methods that result from the lasting physiological effects of the SPIRONESS  training method.


SPIRONESS is a clinically researched breathing method that has been shown to:

  • Increase cerebral oxygenation giving you better concentration and clarity

  • Allowing you to perform with maximum endurance with less fatigue

  • Promote quicker recovery rate between work periods

  • Maintain optimal respiratory health while injured

  • Increase stress management during pre-competition pressure 

  • Naturally reprogram an athlete's breathing pattern

  • Increase aerobic endurance and power

  • Improve breathing comfort for asthmatics

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