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When your breath is at ease your life is at ease

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Do you know where your Stress Threshold is at? Do you know what is meant by the term Stress Threshold, and how to measure it or how to improve it? Eliminating stressors (the cause of your stress) will not necessarily improve your Stress ThresholdAccording to the American Psychological Association's latest report (Stress in America, 2017), there are many ways to help manage stress, but those ways will not CHANGE your body's Stress Threshold. We cannot eliminate stress from our lives, but we can use SPIRONESS as a way to change the way our body reacts or responds to stress. Find out your chances of a stress related health breakdown here.








SPIRONESS is a physiologically-based respiration method that has been clinically proven to improve your stress threshold.  Regardless of the type of stress you face, SPIRONESS will train your body to naturally react to stressors in a more efficient and healthy way. If you would like to see how Spironess can make a difference in your stress threshold, register for one of our next workshops today!

SPIRONESS is ideal for those experiencing:

  • Acute Stress - Short-term, the most common form of stress that you experience in the daily life.

  • Chronic Stress - Long-term, stress that is from the wear and tear of demands that never end and sometimes have been forgotten

  • Distress - Event-related, stress you experience in the daily life that has negative connotations (divorce, death, injuries, etc.)

  • Eustress - Event-related, stress that you experience in the daily life that has positive connotations (marriage, birth, success, etc.)

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